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Subscriptions FAQ

Do you offer a discount for the annual subscription?
Sure. During the checkout process you may select the yearly option and get up to a 20% discount.

What if I run out of certificates before the end of the month?
Just upgrade to a larger plan and keep generating new certificates!

Does a Free plan expire after having used the 3 certificates?
No. We will keep your account alive and store your data forever. And of course, you are welcome to upgrade it.

What are the payment options?
We accept all major credit cards and Bitcoin.
Bank transfer only for yearly subscriptions.

Are there any discounts for academic and nonprofit institutions?
Special pricing is available to qualified institutions, please contact 

How do I cancel my subscription?
Stop your service at any time from the Settings section of your account.

What happens after I cancel my subscription to Bernstein?
Bernstein will keep your account alive for 30 days and during that time you will be able to download the whole collection of certificates and related files.

If I cancel my subscription, can I get a refund for my unused certificates?
No. We do not provide refunds for unused certificates.

I just upgraded to a new plan, when will I be billed?
Billing starts on the date that you begin the new plan and recurs on the same day each month.

Can I get a copy of a receipt?
Yes. Receipts are stored in the Billing History section of your account. From there, you can print or email a copy of each receipt.

Is the storage space really unlimited?
Yes! Bernstein offers unlimited and encrypted storage for all files that have been included in at least one certificate. Space for files that have been added to projects, but are not yet included in a certificate is limited to 10GB.

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