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How to use Bernstein certificates in NDAs

Since blockchain certificates mathematically describe the perimeter of information, they are a great way to delimit what you disclose with an other party when signing a NDA.

These are the 5 simple steps to follow:

  1. Create a new empty project for the files related to the NDA 
  2. Upload all the files which should be covered by the NDA and shared with the other party 
  3. Generate a blockchain certificate for this data
  4. Refer to the created certificate in the NDA (as well as to all future certificates linked to this first one, should you want to set up a dynamic NDA)
  5. Send to the receiving party the NDA with the certificate as an attachment

Should you want to share additional information with the other party in the future just upload the new files and create a new certificate using the same project folder. By being linked to the first certificate the data will be covered by the NDA as well. 

When the other party receives the data it will be able to check if it matches the data linked to the certificate using the Bernstein Verify App by inserting the certificate ID and uploading the file.