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Why do you use Blockchain technology?

The reason we use Blockchain is simple: trust. 

Public blockchains are the first and only way to create a consensus over specific data existing at a precise time and controlled by a defined entity - without relying on any central authority. 

This means you can prove the existence, integrity, and ownership of data/IP/ideas completely independently, and no-one can argue the validity of the claim. This is particularly valuable in an economy that is increasingly global i.e. you need to be able to prove your rights globally - and potentially for a long time. 

That's why we use the most decentralized and robust Blockchain, most suited as a public registry - the Bitcoin Blockchain. That being said, we don't reject more traditional means entirely: Bernstein also creates official EU and Chinese timestamps along with the Blockchain certificates. Their validity is constricted to their respective geopolitical context, of course.