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Getting started with a partner account


If you don't have a Bernstein account yet, the first step is to create it. Go to and follow the steps.

When you have an active Bernstein account, please share the associated email address with the Bernstein team using the email

Those are all the steps needed on your side - Bernstein will take care of both setting up the co-branded version of the app with the colors and logo of your firm, and grant you the associated owner rights.


Once Bernstein has confirmed your new role, you will see a new "Partner" entry in the right navigation panel. If you don't see it, please try reloading the tab.

When accessing this tab, you will see your partner ID, your company's name and the custom URL at which your co-branded app will be located. If you see any mistake, or would like to change something, please let us know right away.

Clicking on "Load Scope" will bring you to the url and give you a first look at the new branding set up for your firm.


You can now start inviting your users to the co-branded app. It's important that they sign-up to Bernstein through the customized URL. Make sure you can see your logo at the top of the page you're sharing with them.


After registering, your client should receive a confirmation email - After confirming their email address, their account will be pending approval from you. They will also be notified by email. 

Returning to your dashboard in the partner tab, you can now approve the request sent by your clients. If you're not seeing the requests you're expecting, try refreshing the page. 

Click "Approve  ✔️" in case you recognize the user as your client. Otherwise, you may leave the request pending, we will add the option to actively refuse or archive requests soon.

As soon as you approve the request, your clients will be automatically notified via email that their account is ready to be used. They'll be prompted to input their name and choose an encryption key.

Do not hesitate to remind your clients of the critical role played by the encryption key. It is not the same thing as their password and cannot be recovered if lost or forgotten!


After being validated by you, your clients can immediately start to create projects and certificates.

As of now, there is no way for partners to track the consumption of certificates in real time, but it's monitored nonetheless.

We'll soon add a richer dashboard to enable partners to monitor the consumption of certificates by  their managed users.

Questions?  Feel free to reach out to at anytime.